Year of the Penguin


Good Afternoon everyone!  So we are just shy of 11 hours left in 2018.  Man what a year it’s been right?  Full of challenges, full of joy and full of … Well, all of you have your own “Insert this comment here” that you can fill that in with.  My lovely Janet and I have been to some really great places, we’ve weathered some challenging times together and we are so very blessed to be moving into a new home at the end of January!  It’s been some time since I’ve written so I didn’t want to leave the year without at least some type of 2018 “Sign off”  (Ok Santos so why did you call your latest entry “Year of the Penguin”?)

I called my last entry of the year “Year of the Penguin” due to my lovely Janet and I.  Once an Emperor Penguin finds his mate, they are with them for life.  The male scours the land (Beach usually) for the most perfect “pebble” to give his mate.  He’s sometimes gone for days at a time until he finds that perfect stone to present his female companion that says “you’re the one, you are my mate forever”  After all, Penguins are always better together.  :o)

When I asked my lovely Janet to marry me, I sent her this picture first:

IMG_6438 We immediately called her engagement ring “Her pebble”  It was over from there.  From that point on it’s been “Penguin this and penguin that” or when we are sad or having a tough day “Penguins are always better together”  We even sat and watched “The March of the Penguins” on Netflix!  Yeah, you guessed it… It was “Meep meep” this and “meep meep” that.  Penguins have become a fun and happy part of our life.

I cannot think of two people in this life that are more meant for each other.  It was love at first sight and she literally had me at “I know you” (Yes, that’s what did for me folks.  I crumbled instantly.)  We’ve seen some really joyful and amazing times and conversely we’ve seen some times that we’ve had to pull together in sheer strength and love.  We are strong, we are bold, we are driven and we are passionate not only for each other but for life in general.  She looked at me the other night with those gorgeous green eyes of hers and said “This is gonna be our year baby” I can tell you that I instantly went to mush.  That’s another reason that I’m calling this post “The Year of the Penguin”; we are so determined in all that we do and take it fiercely personal when we have obstacles that stand in our way.  Nonetheless, we persevere regardless.  She’s an amazing woman and is my 80% when I’m feeling 20%.

(Ok Santos, so WHY, for the love of all that is holy are you still calling this post, “The Year of the Penguin???)

Folks, make this YOUR year!  Yeah, I get it… That’s cliche and hoke and all that.  But, can you say that it’s NOT true?  It’s only false if you don’t take action.  Are all your problems going to be solved by reading my blog or any blog for that matter?  Fuck no!  YOU have to be responsible for taking that first step towards what YOU want out of life and MAKE it your #1 Priority!  If you fall down, get back up.  If you fall down and get scuffed up, get back up, wipe yourself off and aggressively stare into adversity and say “What else ya got?”  Pain is a part of life as is struggle.  But you know what’s GREAT about pain and struggle during your journey?  When you’re at the finish line looking at all your scars that you’ve gotten along the way and knowing YOU DID IT!  You beat whatever it was trying to drag you down… Sickness, finances, work, insert adversity here______________.

You HAVE to do the PREP

You HAVE to do the WORK

You CANNOT quit when it gets hard (and it will get fucking hard)

but rather…

Ride out the STORM

Put in the BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS 

Emerge… VICTORIOUS, STRONGER, HEALTHIER, WISER and a better HUMAN BEING because of it!!

A tribute to my lovely Janet Mae… 

Honey, you are an amazing, lovely, beautiful, strong and intelligent woman.  A lady in every sense of the word.  I want to thank you for an amazing year of teaching me things that I never knew, for loving me when I was not capable of loving myself, for believing in me  when I couldn’t even get out of bed some days and for loving me so very fiercely.  To say that I am the luckiest man alive would be the understatement of a lifetime.  I will dedicate the rest of my life to showing you every single day how much I love you and how much of an incredible woman you are.  My life is so very rich and joyful because of you.  I love you with my whole heart (My Vega, My Princess, Mi Amorcita) and you will ALWAYS be my Penguin.  Because… “Penguins are ALWAYS better TOGETHER” 

Folks, it’s time.  YOUR time.  You can be great or you can be mediocre.  You MUST decide which one you want.

Janet and I already bought our tickets to a very fast moving train; we’ve got first class seats to life and DO NOT intend on getting off at stops that will hinder our plans.  However, we will entertain stops all day long that will enrich and warm our lives together.  We hope to see you at some of those stops.  One step at a time.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.  From our happy home to yours.  Until next time and until next year.

– Santos


The Blue Jolly Rancher

Greetings again all! So my lovely Janet and I are on a plane making our way back from a very successful and FUN business trip in “The city of brotherly love” Philly.

A two and a half days of conferences about safety, maintenance, and other relevant topics that are challenging to our industry at the moment. We had such a GREAT time running about the city in our off time and took in an AMAZING dinner on Tuesday night at a restaurant in the downtown area called Parc. It was a myriad of French cuisine and let me tell you, it DID NOT disappoint!!

The flavors of our dinner were so overwhelming and so decadent that we had to literally take a moment to process our pallets because they were on sensory and taste overload! If you ever travel to Philly, this is a MUST try!! It’s an old schoolhouse converted into a restaurant. It’s worth every penny!!!

So some of you may be wondering, “Santos, why the fuck is your blog entry titled “The Blue Jolly Rancher”? Well, allow me to explain. Back in the first week of May, my lovely penguin (that’s what we call each other, Janet and I) and I were having a lovely evening at our dinner table; we did our usual in catching up with each other’s day and exchanging the druthers of corporate life. (We both worked for corporate companies at the time) I had gotten a piece of candy for my penguin and left it on her placemat because I know she loves little treats like that.

Our conversation turned a bit serious for a second; she proceeded to unwrap said candy and pop it in her mouth. The faces she made along with the cute little swishing sounds that came from her enjoying her little morsel of love were too much for me to handle. She’s so adorable that it makes my heart fill and burst several times a day. Well, as the conversation deepened, Janet realized that this was a subject that wasn’t your ordinary grocery list, what do you want for dinner or honey can you kill that spider on the wall type of thing.

Our eyes met and she took one look at me took that blue luscious and delicious candy out of her mouth and placed it on the rim of a can of sparkling water that she had (we like Bubbly or La Croix, super good stuff!) in front of her. The sound that it made as the candy hit the aluminum can was a dull “tink” type thud. Now I had her full attention. The conversation that ensued after was a very heartfelt, raw and loving conversation (sorry folks, those details are for me and my lovely little penguin) she looked at me as I poured out affections and other sentiments of love to her; eyes welling up with tears and that beautiful, heart stopping smile that made me fall in love with her the very first time I met her… yup, it was like I was replaying the very first time I met my lovely and beautiful Queen.

She apologized for putting the candy in her mouth and not fully listening to me that night. Little does she know, that was one of the very cutest and most adorable things she has ever done and that will always be burned in my memory as a stitch in time that makes me smile no matter what mood I’m in or where I’m at. (I love you so very much my penguin, so VERY MUCH!). We finished out the evening with a love and emotions that we’ve both not experienced, EVER. It’s a night I’ll never forget. And honey, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ll never forget that night either.

Ok, ok … some of you are probably like “What in the hell fuck does a blue jolly rancher have to do with all of this???!!!”

Here’s what it is…

More often than not, we tend to hear someone and not truly listen to them. You don’t mean any disrespect by it, it just happens. Until you hear those key words or phrases in a conversation that make you go “oh, I’d better take that candy out of my mouth”

There are those that we come into contact every day that a two minute conversation can make a world of difference in someone’s life. Like, really change someone’s life. That person is coming to you for a reason so please, I ask you, truly listen to them. Don’t listen to respond (something I still fucking struggle with) but listen to understand and not to fix. They may want to just get something out and decompress. It’s our job to listen and see inside their soul from their lens. And then, and ONLY then if they ask for advice or a fix should you give your opinion or other thoughts.

Touching a human life in a non-physical way is such a powerful way of letting know someone you care about them or letting know that “hey, I empathize with you”. The power of words are very healing as well as devastating. Giving someone your full attention lets them know that we are vested in their well being and respect them as a fellow human being. (Not to say that my penguin didn’t respect me, she loves candy and little treats that I bring her so she was excited; her little squirrel moments make me crumble; she’s so fucking cute! And I thought our story would be a good catalyst for my blog… after all it’s all about positivity, right?)

There’s always something bigger than yourself and we all wage wars inside that others have no clue about. Be kind, be helpful, and be loving. Put the blue jolly rancher on the rim of your can and take every last word in.

Be well my brothers and sisters. Every last one of you are doing something exceptional! DON’T STOP!

Until my next entry, be kind to each other. Please.

⁃ Santos (aka: Penguin… I sure do love you honey)

The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket

Greetings all! So Janet and I woke this morning and made our way to the airport for what will be our first flying adventure! We are headed to Philadelphia, PA. Home of the ever famous cheesesteak and also home to one of my most coveted bucket list items… The Rocky statue. (Yes, you can laugh… Janet did also)

This is a special trip for us both; we were originally going to take two trips. Me off to Philly for business with my new job and her off to Missoula, MT to visit family. As we sat yesterday and toiled with the fact of being apart for a week, a certain sadness swept over us both. Why you ask? Well folks, it’s been quite sometime since we’ve actually been excited about travel. No, I mean REALLY excited. It’s always been amazing to me how your heart can fill with joy and happiness for many things in life however, when that thing is a magnificent, beautiful and so very amazing woman like my Janet Mae, there are no words to describe the waves of emotion that swaddle my soul because of her.

We’ve both walked different paths in life however, our lives have paralleled each other at the same times. Now, when I say the same times, I mean within weeks of each other. When I met my little lovely misses, she was the cutest, smartest and most fascinating person I’d ever met. Ever! She turned a corner at the barber shop she was working at and I caught one look at her and that was it. I had to know every last detail about her. She had me captivated instantly. I’ve never been one to believe in fairytales or “love at first sight” however, with my lovely Janet Mae, I crumbled. All of my beliefs or disbeliefs rather were solidified with one look. Honey, if you’re reading this, I want to say that I love you and that you’re forever the captor of my soul and keeper of my heart. Thank you for “looking my way”

Now, most of you may or may not know that the titles of my blogs sometimes come at either the beginning or at the end of me writing; it all depends on what I’m feeling at the time. I titled this entry “The Golden Ticket” because I was literally able to add my lovely misses to my flight at the last second. They had one seat left on this flight and I was able to secure it for her. I looked in her lovely deep green eyes and said “Baby Princess, you’re coming with me, no matter what it costs. I just don’t want to leave you”. With no words her eyes softened and looked at me with a a look that made me break into a thousand pieces. A look that no one on the planet would know but me.

This is much like how we live life. I say “we” meaning all of us. Certain chances present themselves and we choose to either take a risk or play it safe. Playing it safe may be Ok but, it’s that one chance you don’t take that may be a chance of a lifetime; that chance that will NEVER present itself ever again. Don’t pass THAT up. Just… don’t. If you want something or someone bad enough, there should be NOTHING that stands in your way of getting it/them. However you have to make that happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN. “Nothing changes if nothing changes”. We all have passions in life yet we keep ourselves from them. Why? Why would you keep yourself from something that fuels your soul to levels that were never existent before? If you’re doing that willingly right now, STOP. Because if you’re doing that, then guess what… you DON’T get to bitch about how terrible like is if you’re not willing to do a damn thing about it!!

That Golden Ticket is there, it’s closer than you think. And yes, that’s a total Willy Wonka reference but, for those of you that’ve seen that movie know how MAGICAL that ticket was to Charlie. That same ticket was even more magical to Janet and I. We have such a passionate fuel for each other, music, food, and other cultures of the world. Listening to her describe food and the way it hits her palette or how a certain piece of music grips her soul makes me weep. It makes me weep because of the raw and descriptive emotion she uses. She’s my idol.

I hope whoever’s reading this that you HAVE a passion, a purpose or some spark that will turn into a flame. I hope that you wake with a vigor and that you plow though all the naysayers that want misery as company. Just don’t listen or give those people the satisfaction of responding because in the end, they WISH they had what you do. You can’t find it for them and you can’t make them go to it. Those are the people that you may have to simply cut out of your life; that’s perfectly OK.

I’ve taken my lovely’s hand and am at the gate of that glorious chocolate factory. We are about to enter as Mr. Wonka asks “Now will you please show me your golden tickets.” Janet and I have our hands high in the air.

Where’s yours?

Be well my brothers and sisters.

⁃ Santos

Never Say Die Attitude


I woke one day to a message from my dear friend Joe Sanchez; it said “you have a never say die attitude” I read that over and over throughout that day and asked myself… How? I went through the catalog of my life and remembered some of the challenges that I’ve faced throughout.  Everything from my mother being told that I’d never amount to anything, to deployment in a combat zone to personal tragedies/mistakes that I’d never recover from.  Being raised by two Type A parents in a busy household taught me that life will come, present itself, and pass you by regardless of the situation or time.

They were right.

However, I’ve never quit.  Ever.  Had I had setbacks?  Sure.  Those are going to happen.  I’ve been kicked, talked about, and have failed at MANY things both due to other circumstances and to my own doing.  I went through a period of life where death seemed like a more suitable solution than living one more day the way I felt.  I woke one morning and said “you can only control one thing in life… YOU” I decided NO MORE.  I got myself in check and figured out what I wanted out of life and I began to go after it.  I have goals, hopes and dreams that will take hard work and determination but none of them are unachievable.  I’m in a holding pattern for a stage so grand and so vibrant that it will take the entire world to hold me back!!  I get “knocked down 7 times, I’ll get up 8”

I have an immense amount of things to be thankful for.  My lovely Janet that builds me up and loves me when I miserably fail at that. (And I do fail) and who completes me in every way possible,  my son Matthew that has taken music and created a great passion for himself, my brothers Joe, Ben, Tim and Dan that have never left my side regardless if I was on top of my game or fell short, My sis Claudia & mom  that have never turned me away and have helped me through many things in life.   It’s not about the quantity of who you have in your life but the QUALITY of who you have in your life that matters the most.  You have to stay away from the emotional hijackers and the succubus’ of the world.  They will tire you and they will drain you; they will drain you not to use your energy but so they can bring you to their level.  It’s perfectly OK to cut out toxic people from your life.  Most of those are sadly, family and “close” friends.  Cut the cord and don’t look back.

I’m a winner regardless of the situation.  I may be getting my ass kicked and teeth knocked out however, I take with me out of that lesson what went wrong, what my ownership was out of that situation and how NOT to repeat that event.  You HAVE to want to win and be OBSESSED with the positive in life.  If you think you’re going to lose, guess what?  YOU WILL.

Take today and make it the VERY LAST DAY you allow someone or something else to have control over you and stand in the way of what your dreams are.  Now, a caveat to your dreams… You have to have a plan and a goal because without those two things, it will be forever just be a dream.  I’m a good person with a servant attitude, so are YOU!

The toughest person you’ll have to convince, sell, motivate and convince that you CAN have the WORLD… Is that person that looks back at you in the mirror.  Make today the VERY LAST DAY that you destroy yourself!  It’s NOT worth it.  Start small and put all your focus on improving something in your life.  Once you can focus on the small things and see the fruits of your labor the BIG things won’t seem that daunting because you’ll now have a road map to navigate them with.  Watch the link below.  PLEASE


Suit up, show up.  We only get ONE life.  Make it count.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Write down your goals and be RELENTLESS at seeing them through.  Be happy ON PURPOSE!  Love yourself, love those around you, have drive, purpose and motivation.  Don’t be afraid to fail; that’s part of the journey to SUCCESS!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this has spoken to you in a way that will fuel that inner fire and make you explode into the first day of the rest of your life!

But at all costs, no matter what, when adversity is looking at you with a forked tongue…

“Never say die”

– Santos

Trail Mix and How to Furiously Eat It

It’s been a bit since I’ve written on here.  Too long in fact.  I hope all of you have been well and in good health and in great spirits.  Life has been moving at a pretty furious pace and shows no sign of slowing down; change after change, challenge after challenge. Why do we continue? Why do we move forward? What’s in us that tells us “Hey… Not TODAY! You can quit, but NOT today”

We all have our reasons; money, love, family, friends etc.  Whatever YOUR reason is, define it and focus on it.  Once you’ve defined it, stop at nothing to make it your #1 priority.  No one needs to understand but you, who gives a flying fuck what others think either??  It drives me nuts when people take another person’s advice to make a change here or make a change there… Who has to live with that decision once it’s made?  Here’s a hint… NOT THE PERSON THAT GAVE YOU THAT ADVICE!!!  You have to do what’s best for YOU!  Everyone wants to be an armchair quarterback about someone else’s life when their own life is one big bucket of fuck.  Funny how that works.

“So Santos, what’s up with the title of this blog entry??” (One of you clowns are bound to ask… LOL)  That’s one of the cutest phrases that my lovely misses said one day and it’s stuck with me ever since.  However, it went like this… She’s on a break at work and I was chatting with her on the phone and I simply asked, “Whatcha doin’ honey?”  “I’m on my break and I’m furiously eating trail mix” – I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt!  It was one of the cutest things that I’d ever heard her say.  It makes me smile so much that when I’m not in a good mood or I’m sad, I say it to myself because it cheers me up and has a very drastic healing effect on my mood.  I thought of it after I got out of the shower and it inspired me to write.

Life is the trail mix and we can either pick at it or we can furiously eat it, energize ourselves, and take control of what we DESERVE.  You have to taste failure in order to win at life; that’s part of the journey.  When we fail (And we all do) that doesn’t make us bad people it makes us a little bit more wiser for the wear.  You should take note of what made you fail and deviate from that plan.  You tried it and it didn’t work.  Done.


Just like this photo, discover who or what YOUR world is and give yourself completely to it.  Put into it, nurture it, watch it grow and blossom and PROTECT it at all costs.  There are those of you that will read this and say “I can’t” or “I don’t know how”  I’m here to tell you that YES YOU CAN and if it’s important to you, YOU’LL LEARN AND FIND A WAY.  If it’s easy, then you DON’T want it.  Things that are easy don’t enable you to grow and don’t make you get out of your comfort zone.  It’s really simple, it’ll either work or it won’t.

I hope this message finds all of you well.  Surround yourself with people that will help you grow, hold you accountable, and not hinder you in life.  Drama fueled, toxic, and gossipy people have no room in your life.  Whether they be family or friends, you have to cut those people out of your life.  When it comes to people like that, they have to figure out their own junk and some of them never will.

I  wish all of you well today and every day.

Now… Go out get yourself a bag of trail mix and eat it furiously!!

– Santos

Time to Center Yourself – 2018

As I sit and write this there’s a little over 13.5 hours left in 2017.  What a year.  We as a country have suffered loss and as a human race have suffered even greater loss.  Mass shootings, celebrities that have left far too soon and insert your own personal loss/tragedy here.  I remember waking up on New Year’s day on January 1, 2017 and thinking “Wow, another year gone. and another year has started” I don’t think I’m the only one that about half way through the year wanted a “do-over” or wanted to hit “The reset button” But as we all know, life doesn’t work that way.  No, instead you face adversity or some sort of painful or traumatic situation and you have no choice but to power through it or the alternative is to just “be”.

I feel for those that will just “be” because I know what it’s like to be there.  I woke up one day and decided to get my ass in gear.  I was the heaviest I’d ever been and really didn’t give two shits about what I put down my gut.  I would drink a 6 pack and slob down fried chicken tender slathered in wing sauce and think that was perfectly “OK”.  Now, I’m not saying that I don’t still enjoy a good beer or some really good food… Truth be told, I have a sweet tooth the size of the Grand Canyon.  But, I didn’t like who I became.  I made excuses for myself and they quickly took over.  My clothes fit horrible and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “I have to make a change” It wasn’t until I climbed on the scale and looked at what it said… 209.  I was mortified.  I came from the Army a lean 195 and with a workout mantra that would have killed most.  I let that die and when it died, I did too.  I had to do this for ONE person.  ME.  I had to find that “best version of me” and make him come out again.  Fast forward to today.  I’m 191.8, eating healthier, and feel GREAT.  I don’t ever want to be in that place again.  I aim to do more of what I love in 2018.  Fitness, music, and spending time with those that I love and cherish.

Now, I get that people say “you can pick a point anytime in your life where you can start over”  Well, NO SHIT?!?!  But, for those of us that deal with Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, or ADHD … That’s not how it fucking works.  My brain (As I’m sure others think this way too) deals with flush corners, 90 degree angles and white boards.  A New Year is like that social media post that keeps circulating: “Tomorrow is the start of a 365 page book, write a good one” (one of my favorites)  We all fuck shit up and we all have our demons but, I refuse to be defined by them and I certainly have come a long way  from them.  That’s the beauty of YOUR book.  You can’t change the volumes that have already been written but you can certainly shape future publications and shape how it ends.

I may get one reader that gets it or I may get no one.  But, if… Just IF you are reading this.  I want you to know that it’s OK to take a knee.  It’s OK to be tired.  You can take time off, but “Don’t take today off” Realize that there are things that just won’t work out and that’s OK.  Make peace with it and move on.  Don’t let failures hold you hostage because you know what??  You WILL fail at something else; that’s part of life’s journey letting you know that “I’ll give you what you ask for however you WILL have to work at it in order for you to be on top”  YOU WORK!!!  And WORK SO FUCKING HARD that you are OBSESSED with nothing but THAT goal.  Eat, breathe, and live what you want.  The only person that will tell you that you can’t have something … is YOU.

“If no one thinks you can, then you have to”

“When there are no more leaders to follow, you must become one”

Reach down into that volcano and set the world ablaze with what’s in you.  Incinerate your fears and warm others with your heart.  There’s always something bigger than yourself and you can NEVER go wrong with serving others.  That one smile, that one hug, that one look may not only touch a life… It may save it.

My wish for you is to be well in 2018.  Make this the year that you start living the life you’ve always wanted.  Set goals NOT dreams.  Goals have tangible items that you have to attach to them in order for them to become reality.  Dreams are goals without a fucking plan.  If you fail to plan then PLAN TO FAIL!  But, don’t just stop there… make this year the launch point for a new life.  Get into position, focus and once you hear that opening CRACK of the starting gun, RUN!!!   Run as if you will die today if you don’t get to your goal(s)  DON’T LOOK BACK!!  That is NOT the way you’re going but only where you came from!  The key is to sustain.  You’ll no doubt have obstacles in the way.  Make an assessment, figure out a breach plan and then go over, under through or whatever way you have to in order to overcome that obstacle.  STAY  THE  COURSE!!

I believe in you but I can’t do the work for you.  You HAVE TO … YOU MUST … BELIEVE in YOURSELF!  Great things await for those that are willing to go through hell to get them.  I’ve been singed but not shaken.  I have scars and battle wounds that make me remember that I am STRONG and CAPABLE of anything that I put my mind to.  You have them too.  Hold your head high and as Morgan Freeman told Andy in the Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’ “


Take a deep breath… Count to 3… open your eyes…

Let’s go.

– Santos


Be Fierce, Be Focused, Be Strong


With nine days left in 2017 there are countless people all over the world making the quintessential list of the ever famed “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Is this bad?  No.  It all depends on the person and how he or she compartmentalizes information.  I don’t make lists because they overwhelm me.  The thought of having a piece of paper with 23 tings listed on them sends me into an anxiety fueled tailspin.  Even though I tie dates to all the items on said list, I feel as if I have to accomplish all of those items right then and there.  Instead, I am a master of Outlook and it’s calendar.  I make dates, set reminders and get it done!

A rather lengthy intro for me to say that you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with a list of items that you may or may not get to.  Instead pick three tangible things that you want to get better at and make a plan to execute those things with an unwavering focus.  I learned this from the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution.  You pick 3 WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) make a plan for each and set yourself on a daily path to accomplish each.  Anything beyond 3 may become too challenging and set you up for failure when things become too daunting.  After all, we seek to succeed and not fail right?   Although a certain amount of failure is part of success because it teaches us to be humble and it teaches us to refocus when our current course is not working.  Will you have easy days?  Yes.  Will you have difficult days?  Yes.  Will you have days that you want to quit?  YES.  Don’t get discouraged; remember why you started in the first place.  Whether it be weight loss, getting better at your job, getting better at a hobby or serving your community; every fire starts with a single spark and that spark WILL turn into a flame if you fuel it properly!

We often struggle with satiety; not necessarily a bad problem to have.  It just means that you already have that “fire” inside you.  I once told someone that when you struggle with this concept, it’s best to make a list with two columns that contain things that are most important to you and things that are important but won’t crush you if you don’t do anything with them in the immediate future.  Those of us that often feel deeply or have a deep human connection to serve or help others struggle with the idea of never being able to do enough.  Big hearts feel things that others don’t.  That’s a great attribute to possess yet it can be a curse at times.  Again, don’t struggle with it, take a deep breath and concentrate on a little at a time.

There’s good energy and bad energy.  You’ll know which is which by the way it makes you feel.  Good energy makes me want to complete an Iron Man right on the spot!  Bad energy on the other hand, drains me and leaves me weak and agitated.    I’ve been in a room with people that suck the life out of you without ever touching you.  It’s the way they live their lives.  They feed off of other’s good vibes and turn them into fuel for their dark soul.  Don’t fall victim to that.  Instead, walk in with your armor on ready to wield your sword against their draining force.  You can’t let others control you.  You are in control of one person and that’s YOU.  You are also in control of how you react to a situation.  If you allow yourself to be emotionally hijacked, they win.  Period.  And if they do it once, they know they have you and will no doubt do it again and again until they reduce you to rubble.  It’s not worth playing that game.

There are thousands of stars in the universe.  But, there are certain stars that shine the brightest because that’s what they were meant to do.  Those are the ones that will never burn out.  Those are also the ones that will continue to light the universe with that “good energy” that I spoke about earlier.  Be one of those stars.  Be the light in someone’s darkness.  We all wage wars inside that others know nothing about so, be kind.  Reach out, help out, and watch someone’s life change.  That’s the greatest form of riches anyone could ever receive.

I guess it all boils down to this… Nine days left in 2017.  Look at all the tragedy that’s plagued us this year.  Deaths, bombings, shootings… Senseless violence.  How do you want to walk into 2018?  Here’s how I recommend that we do… With your armor on, focused on what you want to change and why.  How to help others and find things that are bigger than yourself and most of all, helping this world of ours from bleeding out and helping heal humanity.

I wish all of you a great 2018 and my hope for you is that all of your goals are achieved.  I don’t use dreams because dreams can flee in the blink of an eye.  Goals are clear cut plans that are set into motion to change something.  Make it happen folks and stop at NOTHING to achieve them.

Be well, be safe and spread joy.

Thanks for reading.


– Santos